The Vio-trap Yellow is a product for the control of the  Mediterranean fly (Ceratitis capitata). It is compatible with the ER 834/07 for organic farming.

The trap works as bait spray attracting and killing the insects.

After extensive experimentation and years of observation we use trophotropism, which through concerted action of the more effective food attractive substances, as well as chromo-tropism we attract the insect to the trap. The surface of the trap is saturated with the active substance deltamethrin. Its entomologic actions are based on the chemical sensors on the insects’ feet, a characteristic that helps in the absorbance of the active substance and leads to their extermination.

The insect will not be exterminated on the trap but a few meters away from it (when it has finally absorbed the active substance of the trap).

The effectiveness of the trap is tested on citrus fruit, stone fruits, pomegranates, fig and apple-like fruit.

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