The first trap was manufactured after the observation of random behavior of the olive fruit fly in the field, during wooden glue trap tests.

The role of moisture in attracting the olive fruit fly was determined as highly important and is used in Dakofaka, which is the first trap that uses liquid attractive combined with long-time attractiveness and annihilation with compatible with organic farming method.

The expertise used was the accumulated knowledge of 30 years of Thomas Fitsakis, an agronomist, specialized in insects and insecticides.

The trap is patented in the EU and the US and the patent includes the use of materials that were not commercially available at the time.

The first trap was made of textile and was for multiple uses. But the high cost of acquiring and the complicated renewal process has led to a new trap, made of paper-reinforced film and lower costs.

Commercial success was great and further changes were made to improve the strength of the trap in the wind, heavy rain and direct sunlight exposure.

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