• The trap that you have in your possession is ready to be hanged. Before you place it on the tree puncture the trap with an awl or a large nail at both points marked with an (Χ).
  • The trap MUST NOT TOUCH ANY LEAVES AND BRANCHES and MUST NOT BE EXPOSED TO DIRECT SUNLIGHT (Mount it inside the crown of the tree and in the middle of its height).
  • The application dosage consists of 15-20 traps per 1000m² and the proposed method of implementation is as seen in the picture above. For application in an area less than 3 decares it is recommended to place one trap per tree.
  • When suspended to comply with all the precautions that apply to pesticides.
  • The trap is manufactured in conformity with Law 2092/91 concerning organic farming and fully compatible with the organic cultivation of olive trees and other fruit-bearing trees.

Potential problems, diagnosis and treatments

  1. The traps that are exposed to the sun lose their insecticidal action and their green color. These traps are not effective and should be replaced immediately.
  2. The traps that were hanged without being punctured will not work; activate them by puncturing the points indicated.
  3. The result of their action is not desired when not placed in the correct dosage. Check the number of traps per decare.
  4. Rainfalls during the critical for the olive fruit fly months that in total exceed the 150 millimeters launder the insecticide (Deltamethrin) from the surface of the trap. Replace the traps.
  5. In cases where the collection of olives is done after November 15th and a warm fall is expected, hang 7 extra traps per decare from September 1-15.
  6. You can’t see the insects on top of the trap or underneath it. The insect does not stick to the trap but is exterminated a few minutes later away from the trap.

The maximum duration of the trap’s action is 4.5 months

PRECAUTIONS: Keep away from food, beverages and animal feeds. Do not eat or smoke while using it and avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear suitable gloves. In case of insufficient ventilation use the appropriate breathing apparatus.

FIRST AID: If you feel sick, seek medical advice. In case of irritation of the eyes wash immediately with abundant water and consult an eye doctor. In case of irritation of the skin wash with abundant water and soap and seek for medical advice.

ANTIDOTE: Symptomatic treatment.

The trap is intended only for professional use

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